Hydrogen Peroxide Area of Usage of Hydrogen Peroxide

Area of Usage of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is an environment friendly strong oxidizing agent used in bleachning, sterilization and chemical industries. It is a non-toxic luquid which can be found easiliy, which doesn't leave stain after usage. It is produced in different concentration levels in high quality standards at our Bandırma factory.

Paper and Paper Pulp

This industry uses more hydrogen peroxide in the world because public pressure and laws are forced out of the use of chlorine in the bleaching process. In particular, hydrogen peroxide is effective as other supported KRAFT bleaching chemicals for mechanical bleaching, recycling and non-wood fiber content.


Hydrogen Peroxide is an agent preferred for natural cellulose and organic fiber. The highly bleaching feature is good for cotton, wool and silk; it does not damage the fibers; it is the best bleaching agent with minimum waste / stain problem.

Food, Cosmetic and Health

Hydrogen Peroxide is used in asceptic packaging, food bleaching and preservation, microbial control, hair products and pharmaceutical sector.

Water and Waste

Hydrogen Peroxide is good and practical product as quick-freezing chemical for cleaning swimming pools, as emergency measure for deodorization and chemical contamination in rivers and lagoons. In many water applications, developed oxidation technologies with ultraviolet radiation, ozone or metal catalyst are beneficial when they are gradually used with hydrogen peroxide. This form is powerful hydroxyl radical that disrupts sharp taste and odor in drinking water and removes a variety of colored dyes and organic impurities in textile wastes.

Security and Transportation

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent. The active oxygen is very slowly released in stabilized hydrogen peroxide. However, the active oxygen release becomes very fast when it is mixed with organics or alkalines. Because of this character of hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to take special precautions for the safe transportation. Those who use hydrogen peroxide must carefully follow these precautions provided by Hidrojen Peroksit A.Ş.